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Vacation mode

I like the reminder mails: " Hi .., you are on a x day streak! Use Duolingo today to make it x+1 "

It is a nice extra motivation to keep up the daily practice.

But not everyone finds the time each day:

  • you have only time/ internet access during lunch at work, not in the weekend
  • a planned 2 week vacation
  • Thursday it's sports practice
  • ...

That makes the feature useless, and could even have the opposite effect ("bah! Why bother? I only can reach 5 days before it's weekend again", "my record of x days is gone because of the vacation, i'll never improve upon it anyway",...)

I would like to have some options to say:

  • I'll be gone for x days / until this date (and maybe a reminder email the day before this ends)
  • I only practice at these weekdays

Would be nice to have :-) Still loving Duolingo without it.

March 27, 2013



We are thinking of ways to make the emails more customizable. Thanks for the feedback!


I need a vacation mode. I know that I am going on a cruise and will not have internet. Why can't I freeze it. Getting someone to do it for me isn't solving anything for me.

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