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  5. "You are a woman."

"You are a woman."

Translation:Jsi žena.

July 23, 2018



I don't understand why jsi ty žena is wrong


It just sounds strange and is likely connected with the fact that jsi acts as an a clitic - wants to be in the second position. And ty does not want to be there in the second position which is unstressed.

Even for questions we would use just "Jsi žena?" or "Ty jsi žena?" (and in very special unusual contexts "Jsi žena ty?"). Jsi TY žena? is also a possible question, but strongly stresses TY (Are YOU a woman?). It must be reflected in the pronunciation.


When do you use "Jsi žena" instead of "Ty jsi žena?" Is one more formal than the other?


You might want to add the personal pronouns for additional emphasis. 'Ty jsi žena?' can be used to show your surprise, for example.


Ahoj Vlada "jsi žena?" a "ty jsi žena" nebo "jsi ty žena" má to stejný význam a používá se to stejně. Česká republika


nepoužívá. česko


Is there a reason why "Žena jsi." is not accepted? That seems like it should also be a correct answer.


That is not natural unless you are disagreeing "You ARE a woman!" with someone who just said they are not a woman. Nevertheless, we will think whether it should be added or not.


What are you asking? Please be explicit. If you have a question, write it.


Why not Ty žena? Ty = you?


You are missing a verb. Ty JSI žena.

Czech is not Russian, you cannot use zero copula.

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