"My child is slim"

Translation:Mtoto wangu ni mwembamba

July 23, 2018

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Why wangu and not langu? Isnt wa- used to pluralize??


Langu is in ngeli ya li-ya which is used mainly for non-living things, ngeli ya a-wa is used for living things e. g mtoto - yangu, watoto - wangu


You mean: why mtoto wangu? Shouldn't it be yangu?


correction: mtoto wangu - watoto wangu.

It's probably a word origin thing, but there are differences when it comes to prefixes used with kin names. Mama, baba, dada, kaka etc are all 'yangu'; mtoto, mzazi, mume are 'wangu'. I can't remember which lesson had notes on this, but I'm sure I've come across them before


Can someone explain this? I do not understand mwembamba.


-embamba is slim/slender/skinny/thin/narrow etc.

You have to add a prefix to agree with the noun class. In this case, mtoto refers to a singular animate being (person or animal), so the prefix is m(w)-. The (w) is included when the next letter is a vowel.

There's a table of all the prefixes for -embamba here https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/embamba


A concise clear explanation - thanks

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