"The people are sleeping on the bed."

Translation:लोग बिस्तर पर सो रहे हैं।

July 23, 2018

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I went with पलंग for bed - I learned बिस्तर as 'bedding'. Are they interchangeable?


पलंग refers to the wooden structure while the bedding and mattresses refer to बिस्तर.
Generally they can be used interchangeably because you don't think of sleeping on a पलंग without the bedding and vice versa. You can search palang and bistar on google to see pictures.


Thanks. Should either be an acceptable answer? And could you tell me which is in more common use?


If the word is "bed", you should definitely use बिस्तर.


The incorrect choice with some other word in place of बिस्तर also inverts the order.

If it had the correct word, बिस्तर पर लोग सो रहे हैं, is it just like the difference between 'people are sleeping on the bed' and 'on the bed people are sleeping' (but maybe the second sounds less weird in Hindi)? i.e. the noun that comes first is emphasised as what's being talked 'about' - and is it the subject in either case, i.e. by changing this order बिस्तर becomes the subject instead of लोग?


Hi im an indian and i know hindi from a very young age so i wanted to tell a noun is wrong in the sentance namaste

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