"È un libro."

Translation:It is a book.

March 28, 2013

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this is confusing when they say it. how can i tell the difference between il libro and e un libro if i dont use the slower button, which i try not to use?


Well, you are supposed to use the slower button, because there is no shame in using a feature that helps you understand the language more. Once you have more experience, then you will use the slow down button less.


Where is the slower button? I've been looking for like 5 minutes and can't find it!!


Do u mean the button shaped like a turtle?


It's under the regular one. It has a turtle on it.


I'm pretty sure it's only available in listening exercises, at least on the website.


I cant see the slower botton ither


It takes some practice. Learning a new language requires getting used to new sounds and rhythms. You'll get there!


Its not really I heard "el un libro", so I guessed that it was è instead.


Very very hard exercise pronuncitation in Italian !! ( if there fault sorry but i am french girl i know a little english)


But libro sounds like libra. Duolingo has bad speakers?


I speak english but am learning french in school. When i first heard the sentence i thought they said "est une libro."


How do I type the accent mark in the app?


In the phone app, most phones will have a keyboard section for special letters. If not, then other phones let you simply hold the letter a little longer to bring up a list of accents for that letter.


Use the special accent marks beneath the answer box. On my computer screen, they're in a light green color, so a bit faint--but try clicking on one and you'll see that symbol appear in the answer box.


With my phone, if you hold down the letter with the accent you need on it, a little menu will show up that has the letters with accents on them. From my experience, that's the way it is with most phones.


Press and hold letters and you will see accent makrs


How does one actually pronounce the "è" sound anyway? I just assumed it was pronounced like "eh", but most of the time is either completely silent or sounds like something else completely. In the sentence "È un libro", I can SWEAR that the speaker says "El libro". So is it "Eh un libro", "El libro", or something else?


I understand how you feel. They are not very good at pronouncing the words. Don't blame yourself, everyone hears the same thing. I just click the slow button many times until I am sure I am hearing the right thing. Another helpful thing is that if the sentence was el un libro, it would be The a book, and that makes no sence, so you must assume it is e.


I'm having the same problem. It sounds like "El libro" to me too, and no matter which way I say it, it says it is incorrect. Can anyone shed some light on this?


I think it should be something like "en li bro", similar to a kind of connected sounds in English?


Same as in french, the closest I can think of would be the e in "net" ....hope that helps


The voice actually says eh (but a very faint h) and then says un really quickly libro. I myself talk very quickly and usually understand quick talking


It's pronounced like "eh"


How do you know the difference between the sound "è" and "e"? :L


Does "it" not have pronoun?


Isn't "è" supposed to stand for just is and not "it is"?


"È" and all Italian verbs have the subject pronoun built in, so you don't need to use the pronoun. "È" is "it/she/he is".


What is the difference between É and È? When to use which?


The thing that threw me off was the È at the beginning, could some one tell me how to avoid that


Do we say it in italian or english?


Same! And my name is brianna too! Unbeavible!


I have to admit - getting accustomed to new language's rhythm is really tiring.


مره وحش هذا السؤال


Does it not like my acsent or me? One thing I can tell is that it won't work.


I put "is a book", but it said I was wrong È un libro there wrong È=is un=a libro=book


What is È? I guessed this answer rightly


É is pronounced like "eh".


Is there somewhere I can better understand the different between the accented E's? I can hear it is one of them, but do not understand how I am supposed to know which one.


e with an accent means 'is', without is just 'and'.


Does the accented e also mean it is? If not, I've missed something along the way. If so, where does the it come from. I do not recall seeing it in the lessons completed to this point.


Yes it can also mean it is. I don't think it's been explicitly taught in the lessons, not that i've seen yet anyway.


Whenever I press the button for 'un' it sounds like it's saying 'nuh' or 'una', what is the proper way to say 'un' by itself?


I was confusing because in Spanish ÍS Es un libro


Anyone here who has taken the Brasilian Portuguese course? I'm having difficulty telling if whether or not the pronounciation of "e'" is the same as in Portuguese. I've heard that it is more pronounced as an "a," can't really tell >.<


Is è translated into IT in english ?!!


"È" means "(he/she/it) is" - the pronoun is optional (and worked out from the context), only the properly conjugated verb is required in Italian (same as in Latin, Spanish, and Portuguese too IIRC). From what I understand, "it" is rarely used in Italian, so if you just see the "È" and no other context to suggest he or she, then it means "it is".


Com'on Where is the article in the phrase in italian?


What is the difference between è and é?


The exercises are hard and pass quickly....We couldn't learn enough when the lesson finished I think...


This "È" is comfusing. Can some one help me out on what sound i have to make?


I always write the right translation but it says not correct....it is a book


Is any one else having a issue with. Spoken italian to written English. I am typing exactky what tge translation says it is but every time it flags it as bad, only in this mode for me is it wrong.


What is the accent changing in the language though? Do we pronounce different according to the accents?


it is always unwritten in different languages I think. like Spanish. ex: it dies. muere


Exactly what i wrote. Why was it incorrect? The dash was up left of the letter. How do you print it on the top in the middle of the letter?


If you're typing your own answer (not using the word bank):

  • On a phone, hold down the "e" key and the different accent options should pop up to be selected.

  • On the web browser version, there should be a list of accented letters under where you type that you can click on.


This is a new voice and he speaks like he has marbles in his mouth...


I wrote the answer perfectly. I don't know why it keeps saying that my answer is wrong

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