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  5. "वे मेरी नानी हैं ।"

"वे मेरी नानी हैं "

Translation:She is my grandmother.

July 23, 2018



Seems like it would be good to not capitalize the first word in the English sentence, it's too big a clue.


A clue about what?


A clue to which word goes first when you are asked to translate from Hindi to English and you're not using a keyboard. If you want it to be harder, use a keyboard. I guess that doesn't work in the app; I have no experience with the app.


Ve means 'they' right? Only 'vah' means 'he or she' right?

I gave 'they are my grandmothers' and it was given wrong. However google translate shows my understanding is right.

Am i missing something?


वे means they, yes - but due to honorific plural, it can also mean he or she.

I think plural of grandmother is नानियाँ so they are my grandmothers would be वे मेरी नानियाँ हैं. It's confusing because वे मेरी नानी हैं is honorific plural but the noun is singular.


If 've' is used out of respect for nani, then meri should also be changed to mere right?

"Ve mere naani hain". Why " ve meri naani hain"?

Also, in either cases, both answers "she is my grandmother" and "they are my grandmothers" should be accepted but 2nd answer is not accepted. Why?


If I were talking about my grandfather then you would be correct - it would be वे मेरे नाना हैं. This is feminine plural - and so वे मेरी नानी हैं. Again a bit confusing (depending on your background) because it's honorific plural with singular nouns.


Probably because you can only have one nani (maternal grandmother) :)


Two grandmothers are there: नानी = Mother's mother; दादी = Father's mother.


Why is it "ve meri nani hai" and not "vah meri nani hai" ??


वे shows the respect. वह मेरी दोस्त है = She is my friend. Another thing to note is "हैं" vs "है" (both sound different). When we show the respect, use former (as in the current case), while in my example, use the latter.


Ve?? Wasn't Vah or Yah the word for She??


ok no just realized it is the formal form

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