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  5. "पक्षी उड़ते हैं ।"

"पक्षी उड़ते हैं "

Translation:Birds fly.

July 23, 2018



Wouldn't this mean "the birds fly"? Doesn't it need "hotha" in order to be a generalization?


होता can be only used with ajectives: Birds are beautiful = पक्षी संदर होते हैं, but it cannot be used with verbs like 'उड़ना', they you say it like above.


Why is it not “the birds fly”, since we are not speaking generally about birds?


"The birds fly" should be equally acceptable here. The sentence could be generally speaking about birds, but it could also be talking about some specific birds that aren't being explicitly identified with ये / वे .


My wife says that people more often use चिरिया than पक्षी in everyday speech. (also the capital letter on Birds gave away too much on this, I didn't know that word.


Minor correction: I belive it's चिड़िया with a ड़. Also here's a fun tidbit. The word for zoo is चिड़ियाघर (literally birdhouse).


There is a song where they sing about a bird and in this song they say "panchi", not "pakshi". Is it a hindi dialect?


Actually all are synonyms for the word bird in Hindi


Mujhse galti ho goi


Chidiya means sparrow and pakshi means bird


i thought पक्षी is singular, if not then what is the singular form for bird?


It's the same in both singular and plural.


पक्षी is singular and पक्षिया is plural i guess


Can someone please tell me how to make the "क्षी" character on a standard Hindi keyboard? I had to use Lexilogos, because I just couldn't work out how to do it on the DuoKeyboard (and I have managed to work most things out on there). I think the first character would be "क्" with the virama, but for the life of me, I can't work out what to put next. Neither of the main S letters work. It's supposed to represent "ks" (well, "ksi") and I know how to get that final "I", so it's just the "ks" part ("क्ष") that I'm having enormous difficulty with.


You can type this character by doing this: क् + ष = क्ष. This makes a "ksh" sound, not "ks".


Ah, many thanks for that! Much appreciated. As a further token of my appreciation, here's a Lingot.


Isn't this singular? पक्षियों should be the plural?


पक्षियों is only the oblique case plural. Since पक्षी is a masculine noun that doesn't end in आ, it doesn't change when pluralized in the direct case.


क् + ष = क्ष thats how you make ksa. The sound Duolingo makes is shh can the spelling be that? (पक्षी) pakshhi can that be it? Pakshhi or paksi. Beat it! Be good! Install this app now!!!! It is going to be good!

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