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  5. Can someone help translate?


Can someone help translate?

Hi! My friend sent me these messages and he won't tell me what they mean. If anyone could translate them I would appreciate it! Thanks!

  1. Tenu dekheya te jindagi nal pyar ho gya

  2. Tenu fark penda hunda tu mere nal hona c ajj

July 23, 2018

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Hi TraciTari, The lines which your friend text you is a song.That mean 1) I saw you and fell in love with you. 2) If you care about me.Then Today is my day.

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Hi TraciTari, I will tell you these lines meaning. 1. when I show you, I fall in love with you. 2. If you care me. Today maybe I happy.


Hey it's not hindi it's Punjabi. So I can't tell you the meaning of the first line but i can help you with the second one. Second line means if you really cared you have been near me today.


If you saw, then you fell in love with life.


that's punjabi , not hindi. i'm very weak at punjabi. rough translation: 1. after seeing you, i fall in love with life 2. if you felt the difference (really cared), you'd be with me today.

2no. i did kinda 3rd grade translation. sorry, good day.


he want to said that i love with my life after seeing you If you feel anything then make me yours

  1. It mean first site love - When i saw you, I started loving you.

  1. If it matters to you, you would be with me.


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A Punjabi person send you these messages. first one meaning in English is " When i saw you i started to love life." and second on is " if you have any effect on you, you should be with me."

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