"वह अमेरिका जाती है।"

Translation:She goes to America.

July 23, 2018



Why is "He goes to America" wrong?

July 23, 2018


Because जाती is the verb here. जाती can be only used when the subject is feminine singular or it is feminine plural.

Masculine singular =जाता
Masculine plural = जाते
Mixed assembly(men and women) = जाते

July 23, 2018


Why is "she is going to america" wrong?

October 25, 2018


Because the sentence given is in simple present tense while yours is in present continuous tense.

April 17, 2019


Why ''That goes to America'' is wrong?

November 29, 2018


Because here, वह has been used for the woman not to point out an object in the sense of "that".

April 17, 2019


Why is "America" synonymous with "United States"? Don't Indians understand it's a content that includes latinos, NOT ONLY the US?

October 31, 2018


It's basically just because no one wants to use the long complex term for United States which is outdated as well, Indians themselves feel weird using such terms, lol. Others, it's just because the purely hindi speaking population is usually uneducated and don't know much Geography. They also assume that you understand that they meant US when they said America. No one really talks about South America or Canada or Mexico. So why use US all the time?

April 17, 2019


@ellaris ditto your question

January 16, 2019
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