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Word selection responses: original text is overwritten

I use DuoLingo for French and Italian, and access it via an IPAD/Safari. About one third of the time on those exercises that require word selection from the list of words given, the word selected will appear on top of the original text being translated, covering it, rather than on the line below. This means that, unless one has a particularly good memory (particularly for longer sentences) it is necessary to keep deleting to check a word isn't missed, or it means continually failing such exercises. Can this be fixed, please?

I should add that I cannot find any link to a report form on the version of DuoLingo that I am using on the IPad, hence I am posting here; also clicking on Home just takes me to the DuoLingo app.

July 23, 2018


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Have you tried a different browser such as Chrome. I have used both but not seen this problem

July 23, 2018


this happens to me too! Safari as well

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