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"tera'nganpu' chaH'a'? ghobe'. tera'nganpu' chaHbe'."

Translation:Are they Terrans? No. They are not Terrans.

July 23, 2018



wouldn't this be a question of context? If in a previous sentence the reader gets to know that "they" refers to a group of Kazon, then it should be "naghmey chaHbe'", whereas if "they" refers to some inanimate object that has been mentioned, it would be "naghmey bIHbe'" ?


Yes. It would be a question of context. And Duolingo does not provide context.


There was a pronunciation complaint here that the ch has been pronounced as S. I re-recorded the female because there was an overlong pause between tera'ngan and chaH, but I hear both the female and male versions as ch. That said, SaH'a' and chaH'a' would both be valid things to say in this sentence, and the sounds are not that far apart, so if you're still hearing SaH listen for the lack of retroflexing (is that a word?) on the ch.

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