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Duolingo stories in Japanese

I LOVE these stories that Duolingo has in different languages! I know there are some sites for easy Japanese news and story reading, but I like how Duolingo asks questions about each story and rewords their questions and answers to really make you think. Are there plans for more languages to get these stories, specifically Japanese? I still feel so new to Duolingo and I'm unsure how often they update these sorts of things.

July 23, 2018



It's odd they don't have stories in japanese considering they do have stories in portuguese.... Which has 2 million less active learners. Perhaps they expected more people to learn portuguese.

[deactivated user]


    Is that you Stannis?


    Or maybe it's generally more difficult to set these things up in language like Japanese that use different scripts and are much more unfamiliar to Western language speakers. Maybe they don't have the help they need on that front? I'm unsure. Either way, I think that the Japanese course needs more attention in general to get it where it needs to be.


    I like German stories.

    It helps a lot, when you feel that you are doing the same over and over (Duolingo practice, Duolingo lessons), to spice things up with a story. Feels great when I actually understand (almost) everyhing.

    Japanese stories would be great. But I think, that there is still a lot to do with the current Japanese course and stories are not on the list of priorities right now.

    We lack consistency in Kanji, we lack the "words" section, the listen-to-text excersises are bad atm, etc...


    How i wish there is a stories in Japanese too.. I learned it long time ago. I'm not in Japan now but I use duolingo to practice my Japanese. And now im learning more Chinese, thanks to Duolingo learning is much more easier now. Worth every penny i spent for this app.


    Others stories would be cool as well, like stories in Dutch: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27367588


    It will be cool


    What are these stories and how do I access them? They sound awesome. Could it be that I am only doing Japanese as to why I don't see them.


    On the web version, they are under the labs tab. I've only used Spanish, but I see they have German, Portuguese and French as well.

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