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"As a child I always played alone."

Translation:Als Kind habe ich immer allein gespielt.

March 28, 2013



Shouldn't Als ein Kind instead of Als Kind be accepted too?


Think so, I didn't want to risk to miss the article ein, but it came out wrong because of that, sigh :(


it sounds kinda unnatural to me as a dutch speaker, and the two languages are very close, but i guess youd need a native speaker to be sure (just to demonstrate how close the two languages are in this case, the sentence in dutch would be: Als kind heb ik altijd alleen gespeeld)


I've been learning German for 9 years and have lived in Germany for 2 of those. I could be wrong but I've never heard "als ein Kind" before, avoid it.


How come "Als Kind habe ich immer alleine gespielt" is wrong? I know there are some instances where you can't use alleine, but I didn't think this was one of them


I agree that 'alleine' is colloquial but it should nonetheless be accepted here.


Thanks for the info, didn't know this.


What is wrong with "Als Kind spielte ich immer allein."? I guess it's not present perfect (if I have the grammar stuff right), but what in the English requires that?


Your sentence is perfectly fine. It would be very uncommon to hear it spoken like that, but I can imagine reading it in a autobiography or novel. German speakers prefer the present perfect in speech, probably because it allows you to be more flexible with the intonation (with which word gets stressed).

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