"That is not my grandmother's house."

Translation:Das ist nicht das Haus meiner Großmutter.

March 28, 2013

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What is the difference between this and "Das ist kein Haus meiner Großmutter."?


"Das ist kein Haus meiner Großmutter." would mean "This none of my grandmother's houses.", as in my grandmother ownes more than one house, but this is none of them.


I also think that way. So I'll report. Duolingo somehow doesn't consider this version as a correct one.

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I am a little unclear on showing possession here. I wrote "Das ist nicht das Haus von meiner Großmutter."; thinking I needed the 'of' to show possession.

Is it word order ('meiner Großmutter' immediately following 'das Haus' that indicates possession? I realize the context here won't really take me anywhere else with this sentence, but more complex sentences with more objects will require a better understanding on my part.

BTW- thank you for everyone who participates here; it helps my learning greatly!


You can use, that won't be a mistake: "das ist kein Haus von meiner Oma". Your variant is also correct.

The other variation is to use Genitiv. Which allows to omit the preposition: "das ist kein Haus meiner Oma".

Note: first "meiner Oma" is in Dativ and means "to my granny". The second "meiner Oma" is in Genitiv and means "of my granny". The forms are spelled equally.

Not the same for masculine: "meinem" and "meines". See the table of declension for more information on that.

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