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Issues with creating classes


I have used duolingo for two years now but I am trying to set up my classes for the new semester. When I type in the class name and set the languages, I hit continue, then continue just turns gray and I cannot continue to the next screen. I've tried 2 different browsers on 2 different computers. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

July 23, 2018



Hi Clyde! Sorry for the problems. We'd heard of one other user with a similar problem but haven't been able to get to the bottom of it.

Can you post a screenshot of what it looks like after you've clicked "Continue" the first time? Thanks!


Hi thanks for the reply, I sent in a screenshot earlier this week. I cannot seem to figure out how to send a screenshot here in the form, but the continue box turns orange, when I'm done naming the class and then when I click it to continue, it grays out and nothing happens. We tried 3 computers total, and I even created a new account with a different email to try.


Thanks. I've found the screenshots you sent in. We can't quite reproduce the problem on our end yet. Sorry for the continued problems.

Could you hit "CTRL + SHIFT + J" in Chrome (that should pull up a Javascript console) then try to make a class? If we're lucky, there will be an error message that'll show up in the console. Could you paste the contents of that console here?


Nevermind! We can reproduce this on Windows now... in the short term: the workaround should be to choose the actual languages that your classroom will be in. "Catalan from English" is not an actual course we offer (the only Catalan course is from Spanish).

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