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When will the Hindi for English speakers course be available on the android Duo app?

July 23, 2018



As an alternative you could access the website from your Android device's web browser.


Yep, that's what I'm doing. I was just curious if the Hindi course will be shown in the app soon or later.


And don't forget Hindi on Duolingo for iPad!


i was wondering this too. if i'm learning hindi on desktop and then i later switch to mobile, the course isn't available so it forces me to start a new one


I think it doesn't, months ago when I downloaded the app it actually kept my progress (though I'm not sure about courses in beta).


No, he means when he logs on it sends him to the page to pick a language.

[deactivated user]

    when it graduates from beta, surely?


    It varies greatly. Some have come out on all three platforms on the same day (one of the far Asian languages did this, maybe Korean or Chinese?), while others are web then mobile, with the mobile rollouts either separate or together. I believe some courses have even been released mobile before web (again an Asian language, possibly Japanese on iOS first?).

    Generally speaking however, the course is almost always available on mobile before it graduates from beta. Graduating beta simply means the number of reported errors in the words, pictures and sentences have dropped enough to consider the course "stable" from a language standpoint. Beta status doesn't really have anything to do with the backend programming per se.


    You sir are awesome! That gave me the peace of mind I wanted. I have been waiting for Hindi course almost 2 years now and I was so excited when I looked online and it was ready. I went to the app and it wasn't there. For now, I'm using on my computer and mobile browser on tablet.


    Nah, usually happens vor that

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