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  5. "The woman understood."

"The woman understood."

Translation:yaj be'.

July 23, 2018



What's the difference between yajbe' and yaj be' It's only the space? Or does woman automatically imply negation?


When spoken there is also a slight difference. Theoretically it doesn't matter if you use spaces, but this kind of confusion is exactly why we insist on appropriate use of spaces. It is an unfortunate coincidence that the word for "female" resembles the suffix for negation. It does not seem to have effected the Klingon mindset at all and they seem to have a high respect for their females.


Except for the "no serving on the High Council" part. I'd also add the "never seen a Klingon captain who is female," unless Discovery has changed that.

There may or may not be a spoken difference between yajbe' and yaj be', depending on whether you're trying to make that difference plain to hear. In normal conversation you'd only have context to make plain what you mean; any pause between yaj and be' would disappear when speaking at a normal pace.

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