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Trouble in jumping to different levels

I know this is kind of embarrassing, but I am still on Letters 1 for Hindi. I am on level 4, but I got there by jumping through levels two and three (testing for them instead of doing the individual lessons), and one problem I noticed was that for some of the testing questions, they only ask you the pronunciation/written form of the number one for at least 5 consecutive questions...which unnecessarily takes up testing space . Could this be because I am still on a low level, or is this a flaw? Help would be appreciated, thanks!

July 24, 2018



Just use a quizlet or something to learn the letters dude


If you could pass at the 4th crown level by testing out, I think you know this skill sufficiently for now and it would be more useful to go to the next skills.

Letters 2 and Letters 3 are about the same difficulty as Letters 1. Letters 4 is a little bit more tricky…

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