"Esto me ayuda a oír mejor."

Translation:This helps me to hear better.

4 months ago



Why is the "a" needed

Since oír already means "to hear", what purpose does the "a" serve? It seems that sometimes the "a" is needed before the infinitive and sometimes not. How do we know which it is?

4 months ago


In this case the 'a' is attached to the verb before it (ayudar) and not 'oír'. The phrase 'ayudar a' means 'to help to'. Remember you can't always translate every word literally. The fact that 'oír' means 'TO hear' is irrelevant. The 'TO' is only included because English doesn't really have an infinitive form for verbs like Spanish.

As for the second part, some verbs take a preposition (a, en, con, por, de) AFTER them to achieve a specific meaning. Another example would be 'dudar' + 'en' (to hesitate to). Unfortunately you just have to learn which verbs take which prepositions. There are lists online that can help.

4 months ago


In English it would be common to hear "...helps me hear better..." and uncommon to hear "...helps me to hear better..." although both are correct.

1 week ago
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