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  5. "Arobaini na sita"

"Arobaini na sita"

Translation:Forty six

July 24, 2018



Arobaini comes from Arabic أَرْبَعِين‎ (ʾarbaʿīn), from أَرْبَعُونَ (ʾarbaʿūna, "forty", from أَرْبَع‎ [ʾarbaʿ, “four”] +‎ ـُون‎ [-ūn]).

Sita, unlike most of the one digit cardinal numbers, is also of Arabic origin. Indo-European words for six (including the English number) have been called an old semitic loan. The same relationship (certain for Swahili, not so much for Indo-European) happens with seven/saba.


Isn't it arubaini?

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