"We have to go to study."

Translation:हमें पढ़ने जाना है।

July 24, 2018

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I have the same question and i don't understand the above explanation


Is it also allowed to use the long forms of the objective pronouns? Like instead of मुझे, मुझको, or instead of हमें, हमको.


yep, interchangeable as far as I know.


Yet, it is counted as a mistake by Duolingo!


Can we use jaane instead of jaana? Vinay22


I don't think so, because "have to" always takes the singular form in hindi, no matter which singular or plural subject is considered: " I have to X to Y । मुझे Y-ने X-ना है" and "We have to X to Y । हमें Y-ने X-ना है" see that the subject that does the action takes को, है is never हैं even if the subject is plural, and one verb takes ने and the other ना : "I have to go (in order) to eat । मैं+को eatने goना है". That's how I get it. We need the pros anyway to be sure XD!

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