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  5. "What do you want to drink?"

"What do you want to drink?"

Translation:nuq Datlhutlh DaneH?

July 24, 2018



In a multiple choice, this is listed! "" Correct solution: Nuq botlhutlh boneH? "" Why is it a different answer than the one listed here in the comments?


Each sentence can have many alternative accepted translations, but there is usually one that is marked as "best" -- that is the one that will appear on these discussion pages (as far as I have seen) and also the one that will be required in tapping exercises and in multiple-choice exercises with one solution. (The others are there for free writing translation exercises, in case learners.)

However, it's possible to mark more than one sentence as "best", and in that case, one of them -- at random, as far as I know -- is displayed on the sentence discussion page, and this may be a different "best" translation than the one required by an exercise.

In this case, the version used when speaking to one person and the version used when speaking to multiple people (both of them are "you" in English) have both been marked as "best" translations.


As the "you" in the sentence prompt is ambiguous as to whether it is addressed at a single person or a group; the variant with Da- and the variant with bo- are equally valid.


nuq Datlhutlh DaneH is asking the question of a single person: What do you (singular) want to drink?

nuq botlhutlh boneH is asking the question of a group of people: What do you (plural) want to drink?

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