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  5. "वे तुम्हारे बेटे हैं।"

"वे तुम्हारे बेटे हैं।"

Translation:They are your sons.

July 24, 2018



What's wrong with 'Those are your children"? Isn't it true that is one child is male and one female, when referring to both you would use he masculine plural form? Second question is, any difference grammatically here between 'those are' and 'they are'?


Yes, they are your children should be accepted, if the kids are of mixed gender. You can't distinguish between all boys and a mix in Hindi. As for the second question, I think 'Those' is supposed to refer to far away and 'they' to close by.


'Those' =far away (pl.), 'these' = close by (pl.), and 'they' = 3rd person (pl.), pronoun. I believe that the former two are impersonal pronouns.


'बच्चे' would be a word that's closer to 'children'.

'बेटे' is 'sons' and would suggest that all of them are male.


"They are your boys" is often used in English to express "They are your sons." Both should be acceptable.

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