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How many levels are there in total?

July 24, 2018



Each language has 25 levels!


There are also 5 Crown levels per skill.


I might not be right, but I guess he's asking about the number of lessons and skills. There are 133 lessons and 32 skills in the Hindi course.


If there are 32 skills in the Hindi course that would be (5x32), so 160 Crown levels and there would be more lessons than that. The 3rd level has 2x the lessons as the original level within each skill, the 4th level has 3x the lessons as the original level and the 5th level has 4x the lessons of the original level. (2nd level has the same number of lessons as the original level.).

32n + 32n + (32n x 2) + (32n x 3) + (32n x 5) = 32n x 12 = at least 384 times through the skills, if there were only 1 lesson per skill for every lesson, but each skill has a different number of lessons

So, I stand corrected below, for the real number of lessons. I have also modified the above formula and replace the * with x, to not have formatting problems

So in reality as an example The first skill: Letters 1 has 3 lessons, so 3 + 3 + (3 x 2) + (3 x 3) + (3 x 5) = 36 lessons See below for the final tally.



Each skill is divided in a number of lessons which depends of the skill. For example, in Hindi, the Letters 1 skill has 3 lessons, the Letters 2 skill has 2 lessons, the Family skill has 6 lessons, the Questions skill has only one lesson. Before the crown system, you could view and practice these lessons individually. It's a pity that's not possible anymore.

Then, to go to crown level 1, you have to do each lesson once and the same to go to crown level 2. Then twice to go to crown level 3, thrice to go to crown level 4 and then 5 times (not 4 times) to go to crown level 5. So, you have to do each lessons 12 times to get to crown level 5 from scratch (unless you "Test out" as a shortcut). In each crown level, you practice the same lessons (same words, same sentences) but in a different way (with word tabs or not, from target language or to target language, with listening exercise or not). And for crowns level 3 and above you practice those same lessons several times.

So. The Hindi tree has 32 skills (which make 32x5=160 crowns) subdivided in 133 lessons (which make 133x12=1596 lesson practices to do if you want to get everything to crown level 5 without testing out).


Thank you all for your responses.

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