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  5. "Je čtvrt na dvě."

"Je čtvrt na dvě."

Translation:It is a quarter past one.

July 24, 2018



So it's a quarter of two, or a quarter of the way to two? Makes sense. Just a different way of looking at things. Same as the German halb zwei, half of two for half past one.


Yes, that's true. But the analogy goes even further. In a broad corridor of Germany, reaching from the Southwest to the Northeast, it is very common to say: "Viertel zwei" (literally "quarter two") for " a quarter past one" and "Dreiviertel zwei" (literally "three quarters two") for a "quarter to two".


Oh, "a quarter of the way to two" makes so much sense! That translation should be in the "Tips and Notes" section, along with its English equivalent "a quarter past one".


I'm silesian. My gradma used to say "Je ćwierć na drugo". It's nice to know this manner of telling the hour comes from Czech <3


It says the answer is quarter past one, but doesn't Dve mean two?????


That is the point! "čtvrt na dvě" is a quarter past one. That is how we denote these times in Czech.


There's additional information in the Tips and Notes here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/cs/Numbers1/tips-and-notes


this concept of telling time is a bit difficult to grasp.


I'd say that's an understatement! :)

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