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"You didn't find your new shoes?"

Translation:¿No encontraste tus zapatos nuevos?

2 months ago


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Why isn't "nuevos" before the noun "zapatos", or have I been transported into a universe where all adjectives in Spanish go after the noun?

2 months ago


I think that "No encontraste tus nuevos zapatos" should have been accepted.

Please refer to this link on SpanishDict: http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/172098/why-does-nuevo-come-before-pasaporte-which-other-adjectives-precede-the-noun

Here is part of the information, in case the link goes stale:

  • 'Nuevo/a' before the noun means 'newly acquired' or 'another'
  • After the noun it means 'brand new'

In English I've often had to say sentences like:

"We bought a new car, well you know it isn't actually new, just new to us."

I'm really pleased that Spanish is so clear about this distinction.

2 months ago

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Why not "No encontró tus zapatos nuevos?" ? Duo says: "You used the wrong word. ¿No encontró sus zapatos nuevos?"

In an earlier exercise Duo forced the informal on me (Quieres/quiere). Now it's back to forcing the formal.

Is it wrong to use "tus" here?

1 month ago

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It's because you've mixed formal and informal, so it would be confusing. It would sound like you were asking whether someone else had not found the shoes of the person you are talking to, as the 'formal you' verb form is also used for the third person.

1 week ago


I also used tus and was told it should be sus. I am confused. I would not be asking someone formal if they found their new shoes.

3 weeks ago