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"You didn't find your new shoes?"

Translation:¿No encontraste tus zapatos nuevos?

3 weeks ago


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Why isn't "nuevos" before the noun "zapatos", or have I been transported into a universe where all adjectives in Spanish go after the noun?

3 weeks ago


I think that "No encontraste tus nuevos zapatos" should have been accepted.

Please refer to this link on SpanishDict: http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/172098/why-does-nuevo-come-before-pasaporte-which-other-adjectives-precede-the-noun

Here is part of the information, in case the link goes stale:

  • 'Nuevo/a' before the noun means 'newly acquired' or 'another'
  • After the noun it means 'brand new'

In English I've often had to say sentences like:

"We bought a new car, well you know it isn't actually new, just new to us."

I'm really pleased that Spanish is so clear about this distinction.

1 week ago