"खिड़की पर कबूतर बैठा है।"

Translation:A pigeon is sitting on the window.

July 24, 2018



Is there a reason why "the pigeon" wasn't accepted, or is it an error? Seems like it should be allowed because there's no indefinite article in this sentence.

July 25, 2018


It is now.

September 9, 2018


A pigeon can't sit on the window!

July 24, 2018


Why doesn't "The pigeon is sitting on the window" work?

August 10, 2018


Why not "A pigeon sits on the window"?

September 10, 2018


'is sat' is bad english! Try the pigeon sits on the window. Is sitting would use 'बैठ रहा है'

July 27, 2018


Can someone explain the form where बैठा means "sitting"? I understand बैठ रहा है but I don't understand how बैठा is conjugated and other verbs like it (I think खडी can mean "standing" as well?)

October 14, 2018


Literally, this would mean seated on the window, but in English we say sitting. To use the continuous in Hindi - raha - implies a continuous action of a transition from standing to being seated. In other words, that very short time when we bend our legs and before we land on the chair!

October 15, 2018


What about "is sat"?

July 25, 2018


Maybe you are meaning to say "is seated on the window'? If the window opens outwards, it is possible for the pigeon to do that, but I have never seen a bird actually sit on its behind. It just stands on its legs.

August 27, 2018


I reported "The pigeon is sitting on the window" as correct and it's now accepted.

September 9, 2018


A pigeon is perched on the window.

September 9, 2018


In English we would say, "A pigeon is sitting in the window"... however, a pigeon can very well sit "on" the window if the window opens out. Nevertheless, translations are never quite the same in languages. These anomalies make learning a new language fun.

September 13, 2018


Could I say कबूतर खिरकी पार बैठा है ?

January 21, 2019
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