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Simple Dutch Movies

Can someone recommend me a Dutch movie that is simple? can even be kid's movie (animated or not)

July 24, 2018



If I were you, I'd check out the 'NPO' (Dutch Public Broadcast). On their site you can find plenty of kids' stuff, although subtitles aren't always present.

To save you some trouble, here is the link to the kids' stuff:

All the stuff under the 'Films' tab are movies. You can recognise all movies and documentaries by their length. Some movies I would recommend: Pietje Bel (1 and 2), Mees Kees and Zappbios (Not a movie, but a 'kids' movies program'). Another one that I would really recommend is 'Achtste groepers huilen niet': guaranteed to make you cry, whether you read the book or watch the movie. Some stuff will be behind a paywall, so the stuff you can watch is limited.

Other movies (not available on the NPO) I would recommend are the 'Mega Mindy' movies. They're Flemish and are based on the tv series by the same name. With a bit of searching, you should be able to find them on youtube (I won't link to them). Why also watch Flemish stuff? It's important to train your listening comprehension and to be honest, Belgium just makes better content for kids (probably even for adults, I haven't checked yet) than the Netherlands.

Veel kijkplezier! / Have fun!


The NOS Jeugdjournaal might be of some interest. https://nos.nl/uitzending/nos-jeugdjournaal It's not a movie, but it is short videos intended to be for kids who have, presumably, a simpler vocabulary.


I used to watch carry slee movies when is was 13/14. They are made for teens to discuss topics like having a sick parent, drug abuse or bullying. The language they use isnt that difficult, and there are a few on netflix (at least in the netherlands..). just search 'Carry slee'

hope I helped you!


You have some brilliant movies, Dutch spoken and made in Belgium. (De Loft, De Premier, The broken circle Breakdown, De helaasheid der dingen, Marina, FC De kampioenen 2, Dossier K., .....).


If the topic starter can understand 'De helaasheid der dingen' he'd deserve an advanced degree in Dutch, since most native Dutch speakers won't even understand the Flemish dialect of the family involved. This movie even has subs in the Netherlands :-) However, I'd still recommend to see this one, it's absolutely brilliant!


Yes you’re right. Same problem with some movies made in Holland. There is a difference between Flemish and Holland’s. It’s not easy to understand Johan Boskamp in Dutch. But like American and British people, they all speak English. But you’re right about the movie classification. Brilliant.


Thanks for advice. I also need simple dutch movies and, luckily, preferably belgian, so this topic helped a lot!


De Flodders, it is a classic Dutch film


Abducting Mr. Heineken


You tube: "Nijntje" or "Samson en Gert" or "De fabeltjeskrant". Good luck


If you have Netflix some films or shows will have Dutch audio, if you put English subtitles(or whatever your first language is) it should help you match Dutch to English when someone speaks it to you.

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