"Ask me my name."

Translation:मुझसे मेरा नाम पूछो ।

July 24, 2018

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Why not मुझे मेरा नाम पुछो.


It makes sense to me if I think of it as "ask of me," like I'm going to give you my name in response, it's something that will come from me. Idk.


Good question. This is also what google translate yields.


It's पूछो not पुछो। Ofc, it's still a good question.


I feel more stupid than ever with this


Could the order also be "meraa naam mujhse puucho", or is that ungrammatical?


That's what I said and it was marked as correct.


why would you use 'mera' and not 'apna'? Are they interchangeable here?


This is an Imperative Sentence. The sentence "Ask me my name" can be logically written as "(You) Ask me my name"

So, the Hindi Sentence is:

(तुम) मुझसे मेरा नाम पूछो।

अपना cannot be used here.

If we said (तुम) मुझसे अपना नाम पूछो। we would be asking "(You) ask me your name."

The meaning changes.


That would change the meaning totally. If you put apna in place of mera, the sentence would then mean - Ask me your name.


Thank you both!


When is proper to use पूछो and पूछती/ता. And I have another question, why we can not use मेरी in this sentence? Thank you in advice!


पूछो is one of the imperative forms that is used when you are giving commands or making requests.
पूछती/ता is the simple present form that is used in statements.
Eg: कृपया मेरा नाम पूछो - Please ask for my name - Imperative statement (request)
वह मेरा नाम पूछती है - She asks for my name - Statement in the simple present tense
मुझसे मेरा नाम पूछो - Ask me my name - Imperative (command)
वह मुझसे मेरा नाम पूछता है - He asks me my name - Statement in the simple present tense

We use मेरा because नाम is a masculine noun. You need to decide between मेरा/मेरी/मेरे depending on the number/gender of the noun or noun phrase that follows it.

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