"चूहे काले हैं ।"

Translation:The rats are black.

July 24, 2018

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What would it say for Rats are black? That would help me understand the difference and why Rats are black is wrong in this sentence. Thank you!


Yeah In Hindi, there are no articles being used thus it always means definite unlike English where definite sentences are brought into alert by the usage of the. But in Hindi the sentences naturally means definite case . Thus it makes sense to add The rats are black.( Not Rats are black.) And I think the Hindi translation for Rats are black चुहे काले होते हैं Forgive me if there are mistakes, I'm a learner too.


Yes "rats are black" is habitual present tense so चूहे (not चुहे) काले होते हैं।


Aren't mouses and rats the same?


(mice*) and yes, they are the same in Hindi it seems.


They are separate species but not distinguished as such in Hindi, whereas English always differentiates between them. And "mice" is the plural of "mouse".


Kala is black i don't know what is kale


Kale is the plural of Kala. Like Spanish and many other languages, Hindi requires that you conjugate the adjective to match the noun. So "Chuha kala he" but "Chuhe kale hein" (forgive my awful transliteration).


Just and FYI, Verbs conjugate, nouns and adjectives decline. You don't conjugate an adjective. The adjective declines. Just thought you might be interested in the actual term. Cheers.


In these type of exercises, it would be useful if, at the end, you said what each of those words meant. Otherwise, the exercise is pointless for me


Rat are black but i didn't see


The only used to indicating the suprlative but here? (Get irritating me i am in the lesson skipping mode man)


Plz मेरे को कुछ समझना है तो कैसे समझे जैसे are is animal मैं कंफ्यूज है बहुत बाकी बहुत समझना है आप plz इस मैं उप ग्रेट करे कि अपन यह से बोले और वो समझा सके बहुत शानदार app है ये

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