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  5. "चूहा छोटा होता है ।"

"चूहा छोटा होता है "

Translation:A rat is small.

July 24, 2018



How does होता add to the sentence? Why not just say "चूहा छोटा है"?


Chuha chota hai = The rat is small.

Chuha chota hota hai = A rat is (generally) small.
"hota" makes the sentence like a statement of fact about all rats.

[deactivated user]

    What about "rats are small"? It sounds better to me.


    No that would be "चूहे छोटे होते हैं". "चूहा" is singular.

    [deactivated user]

      So you're an adept of the literal translation. However I think a native English speaker would rather use the plural to convey the same meaning.


      Yes, but this gives you better insight into how Hindi-speakers think. There is a singular mental type of the object in question, which doesn't require the concept of plurality to indicate generality.


      Am I the only one who hears absolutely no difference between "ch" in "chuha" vs "chota" and "t" in "chota" vs "hota" even though there are clearly different letters for these sounds in these words? Please tell me I am not the only one. BTW how does audio on duolingo relate to real spoken hindi? Is it so difficult to differentiate between similar sounds IRL?


      This is really annoying... It uses होता therefore this is a case of generalisation. It should accept '(the) rats are ...'

      The worst "reason" I've seen so far is "context". Either give me the context or accept every answer that could be valid in any reasobable context applicable to the phrase.


      I think it's because this section is also teaching how adjectives change for masculine/ feminine/ singular/ plural.


      Can someone explain hota to me? Why is it different to is....


      A rat is usually small is a complete sentence here and also befitting. A rat is small does not complete the sense of the hindi statement.


      मैंने गलती से हाथ लगा दिया


      A rat is small means एक चूहा छोटा है That is not an answer


      Please give me a hard question


      If "hota" is habitual, then this sentence should be "Rats are small", because that is how a habitual sentence is normally expressed in English.


      Please give me very hard questions

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