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  5. "I live in America."

"I live in America."

Translation:मैं अमेरिका में रहती हूँ।

July 24, 2018



Random tip for other learners. When youre given wordboxes to translate phrases, I highly recommend switching to the keyboard option, downloading a devanagari keyboard, and responding that way. It will help you remember how to spell words (and remember the words themselves) much better, and will familiarize you with a hindi keyboard.

When I first started doing this, i cant even tell you how many times i would make simples mistakes like using wrong short/long vowels. Like in अमेरिका, at my worst, i spelled it आमेरीक. I still was recognizing words and getting by just fine with word boxes, but i didnt realize how much my spelling was suffering.

Hope this helps others!


Great tips.
I think they should have also taught the conventional spelling of America that is used in Hindi newspapers, and by Hindi journalists and anyone who's not familiar with English.
It's अमरीका (Amrika). Similarly China is चीन(cheen) and Russia is रूस(Roos)

But since most people on this forum or even educated ones in the cities are fluent in English, they tend to use the English names of these countries even if speaking in Hindi.


I can figure out the Devanagari on my iPad but how do I do it on my desktop?


Devnagari scripts can be downloaded


https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/devanagari.htm then copy-paste the Devanagari words into the textbox on Duolingo.

THis method may not be the most straightforward one but at least you can keep on using your English (=non Hindi) keyboard.




The lesson taught me "Main America mei rehta hoon", but thankfully I knew to gender the verb to "rehti" since I'm a woman. Duolingo, can you detect pronoun preferences via ones profile, please? :)


I'm male and rehta was marked wrong. Apparently I need to follow the gender of the voice, i.e either male or female Duo.


Oh wait.. Duo marked me wrong for interchanging main and mei (not gender), which he/she/it rightly did so!


Omg thank you for this! I was scratching my head! Made the same mistake


You guys are getting different voices?


I like this idea, primarily because it can be confusing to the student otherwise. I think it currently follows the gender of the voice of the speaker, but I'm not sure it's intuitive to the student that the gender is changing relative to the speaker/themselves.


Why is it रहता and रहती not acceptable


What is the difference between main and mei?


Mei means "in". Its technically a preposition. Main is "I". Make sense?


Tip: In Hinglish, "mei" can be written as "mein" so you might see that spelling on Twitter, Youtube, or any other sites.


It is "main" and "men" because of the dot above. It can indicate nasalisation like the tilde in à or Õ or that a nasal M, N, , Ñ or (depending on phonetical environment).

NOTE: Sometimes the diacritic ँ is used, which only indicates the nasalisation.


Why is it rehta and not rehti


for i am a female, rehti (रेहती) is ONLY correct answer, so pls revise that


When 'I live in america' comes what is the difference between rehata and rehati


मैं अमेरिका " से" रहता हू Can I use say instead of hey in above sentence?


Is this answer not correct if you are a woman??


My correct answer has not been accepted


When do you say rehta and when do you say rehti? Please help I'm very confused.


मैं अमेरिका में रहती हूँ। should be correct for me since I'm female but I still got it marked wrong :(


I am very proud of India I live in Australia and

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