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Help with Hindi

I'm level 8 in Hindi but I still barely know the letters. Are there any easier ways to remember letters?

July 24, 2018



Duolingo's exercises are all on the side of recognizing the right answer in a small set of possible answers. This makes for easy, gradual progress, without getting the learner too frustrated. For example, the mapping exercise: Devanagari characters and Transcripts are display and you can hear the sound for each. So, it is not practicing the sound-letter mapping, but finding identical sounds or mapping a sound (from the Devanagari letter) to the phonetic representation.

I think in the end it requires to write the letters, not just clicking at them. I find this guy pretty good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMjtkHI7CKM&vl=en

I have also installed the Hindi keyboard on my laptop to hopefully benefit from typing characters and words. It seems to help for Arabic.


I think it would also be beneficial if the systematic in the script are explored. Often the short and long form of vowels, or the not aspirated and the aspirated consonants (not sure if these are the right terms, but I mean the ta-tha, ca-cha, etc. pairs) share similarities, which could be pointed out and used to better learn the letters. I guess we just have to do this outside of Duolingo, which is rather limited in its inventory of exercises.

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