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Must haves for Chinese

Seriously, your chinese characters are so small I have trouble reading them when translating sentences. PLEASE make them bigger, there is plenty of room on the page. Also, PLEASE add what each character means in English (mouse over or just there under it) I am having a major problem remembering what each character means. If you can't make the changes, I will have to go somewhere else. I am spending so much time for so little return. I like your program but the Chinese isn't even close to the Spanish program. John

July 24, 2018



1) The characters are very easy to read. So your screen is too small. I would suggest enlarging the website with ctrl and + pressed at the same time. 2) There are already translations for what they mean. Hover your mouse over the character to find its meaning. If that doesn't work try clicking on it.


Yes, I used to have 20/20 vision too and I could see the hairs on an ant. On web pages it is EASY to make an image larger. When I make my browser larger it affects everything making it hard to use. Look, there are many other sites that teach Chinese and I could use them but I like what DuoLingo is doing so I would like to stay. I think the development team for DuoLingo would like to keep all their users and I am only making the suggestions of things that would work. Also, having the English translation under a character is not that big a deal. I was in software development and web tools so I know what I'm talking about. So, I'll give it a few more days to see if the development team can give a response. Thanks anyways.


I agree. I commented on the characters being small in a couple of discussion posts. The more complicated characters present a real challenge to me, the details of the character seems to get lost in a blur.


I don't know, guess they are very busy. When I was in software testing in the development process, these kinds of things were always a part of the development (screen layout, readability, coding errors, etc.) and it may be they don't test their products for screen presentation. Programmers focus on getting things done according to specs and test engineers verify suitability in the parameters so it may be the programmers are just glad they got the thing to work and the right character was with the right word. Anyways, it appears to be a common problem and so I'll move on. In the world there is a lot of competition and someone will figure it out and be a success. They did a nice movie on how learning a second language really helped people. Perhaps they should do survey's or something that will bring user comments/needs to the surface. Google is good at what it does because they are watching what consumers are looking for and they make it happen: not that I approve their long range goals or intents and what they do with their data mining but I think they are a good example of customer awareness. Thank you, anyway, Duolingo.


I just replied to Guomashi, I notice that the characters seems to be a little larger and easier to read. I wonder if they made changes to the display size with their other changes introduced awhile back.


That is the size they normally are online.

你好 - Can you read this?

You are right though. The Chinese course is awful and badly designed. Try Lingodeer or something else.

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