My iOS device is not matching the progress on my computer.

I have the Duolingo app on my computer and my skills are at full strength, but on my iOS device and online my skills are low and it uses crowns. Is there a way to update Duolingo on my computer? Or do I do something else? I made sure to login with the same account and it is still not matching my strengths. Also, as I move on through the lessons on my computer it unlocks them online and on my iOS device, but it says I haven’t completed it.

Thanks! =)

July 24, 2018

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This is utterly bizarre that you still don't have crowns on your computer. When you say "you have the app on your computer" do you mean that you're using the web app in your browser, or have you downloaded some specific version of the app on your computer?

Perhaps if you've downloaded an app that you are somehow running on the computer, it's an old version. Just access Duolingo through the website and you'll get the latest version and it'll probably have least unless something much more strange is going on.

July 25, 2018
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