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Please help me brush my teeth!

Hi everyone,

Please can I check which/if any of the following sentences could be used for a translation of “I need to brush my teeth” into French?

“J’ai besoin de me lave les dents” “Il faut que je me lave les dents” “J’ai besoin de me brosser les dents” “Il faut que je me brosser les dents”

If any of the above are correct is there a best one to use? Or is there a better way to phrase this statement?

I would like to thank you in advance for any help that is given.

July 24, 2018



You know, that's a really weird title...


J’ai besoin de me brosser les dents

That's the one I'd probably use, but I tend to use "J'ai besoin de..." for all purposes rather than "Il faut que..."


Merci beacoup!


i'm no expert but you could use "Je dois me brosser les dents" instead


Merci Megamus16


I like this answer.


they are all good, just some minor corrections:

“J’ai besoin de me lave les dents” should be: “J’ai besoin de me LAVER les dents”

“Il faut que je me lave les dents” - good!

“J’ai besoin de me brosser les dents” - good!

“Il faut que je me brosser les dents” should be: “Il faut que je me BROSSE les dents”

You can look at linguee.com and enter a whole sentence. Linguee will give many examples of translations in different settings, so you get a really good understanding of what you are looking for. For example see this : https://www.linguee.fr/francais-anglais/traduction/je+dois+me+brosser+les+dents.html


Merci beaucoup Camilla, votre répondre est incroyablement utile


At first, I suspected this post was spam. The title was rather strange, but the upvotes required some validation. :D


Haha its a genuine question. I was about to brush my teeth and suddenly realised I didn’t know what I should say!


BTW, it's this: Aidez-moi à me brosser les dents


P.s. I got it from the Internet. If it's wrong, I'm sorry.


Where did you get that information?


it is correct — if you mean you want help to brush your teeth :-)



It's this: J'ai besoin de me brosser les dents


Merci beacoup!


"Il faudrait que je me lave les dents" would be good too


Merci! Je essayerai cette phrase


These type of sentences would be useful for to add in practice. I mean if phrases like “my horse goes to the office” are standard practice questions certainly sentences like “I’d like to wash my face”, “I need to brush my teeth”. “Did you brush your teeth,” etc., could be included among the practices.

I like a good joke thrown in every now & then but sentences like what you asked are really useful :).


Je suis content que je vous pourrais


I would say, 'J'ai besoin de me brosser les dents.'


Great title m8! But it also raises a question I am having. I dont think I want to sound like a native speaker but I do want to be understood and most of the phrases dont seem to be sentences I would ever really need. Any thoughts on resources for hearing French the way it is spoken currently? Not the news!

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