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  5. "वह घर आयेगी ।"

"वह घर आयेगी "

Translation:She will come home.

July 24, 2018



Shouldn't it rather be आएगी? The pronunciation differs from अयेगी. Aye vs ae


The pronunciation is actually considered to be the same. "Standardized" Hindi spelling uses the Y in this case, but when the same formation occurs in other languages similar to Hindi, or when spelled by Hindi writers who are not totally familiar with the so-called standard, they may use आएगी. There is no such distinction when Hindi is spelled in Arabic alphabet.


In fact both spellings are considered equally correct.


"Vah" can mean "he" or "she"


But आयेगी indicates the subject is female


Yes. But the verb conjugation tells you whether it's a female or a male in the context.

वह can mean all of these following:

  1. he
  2. she
  3. it
  4. that

Hindi actually doesn't have true 3rd person pronouns. So, we use the word for "this/that" (यह/वह), "these/those" (ये/वे) to refer to people also. They actually only mean "this/that/these/those". It's the English translation that forces us to translate it as "he/she/they".

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