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Passed Letters, but feel Devanagari understanding needs to be Solid before going onto Words

I passed Letters section, but I feel unfamiliar and rusty with Devanagari . Will probably re-do (this time, with Timer)

While I like Duolingo's game approach to teach, I wish that AFTER the game, there is an explanation of how Devanagari is layed out.

And this section should be unlocked. That way, if people prefer to see explanation of Devanagari BEFORE game, that option is open.

Just my though/suggestion for future roll-out.

July 25, 2018



Check out, if Hindi Express is helpful!

Also an year old post by me: A Way to Hindi


I totally agree– I would love for there to be more reading practice exercises! I’m having a really hard time jumping from learning single letters to reading sentences. Would be great if there were exercises where we could slowly see how letters get strung together and “sounded out” as words– like you might see on a tv show that teaches kids how to read.

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