"ये लोग पाँच बजे जागते हैं।"

Translation:These people wake up at five.

July 25, 2018

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You are half right. Get up and wake up depends on the situation how they are used. 'Get up' and 'wake up' are synonyms like उठना and जागना in hindi but they share the same meaning only when we are talking about sleep. As you can say मैं नींद से उठ गया (I got up from sleep) or मैं नींद से जाग गया (I woke up from sleep) both are same in meaning. But when the word उठना is mentioned we will use the word 'get up' not 'wake up'. The word 'get' has many meanings in Hindi as it has in English like अपनी जगह से उठ जाओ (get up from your place) बाहर जाओ (get out) क्या आपको कुछ मिला है (have you get anything) and so on. Therefore, उठो means 'get up' and जागो means 'wake up'. Hence proved.


Does 'wake' differ markedly from 'wake up'? 'Wake at five' was rejected.


Wake and wake up can be used interchangeably. Please report it if not accepted by Duo.

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    It should work as well, but wake up is more idiomatic I'd say


    'These people wake at five o'clock' should be correct too.

    [deactivated user]

      What about "these folks", "these guys"?


      Yes. These should be accepted as well.


      'Folks' is an Americanism, as is 'guys', which is also slang (and could suggest male). Neither are used much in Britain so it depends on where you're from. I suppose they can't cover every possible variation.


      The two phrasal verbs 'get up' and 'wake up' sounds similar, but having a different meaning , as well as context driven. When your alarm rings in the morning you 'wake up' (जागना) as you are no longer sleeping. 'Get up' (उठना) means that you get out of bed. 'I wake up at 7am, but i don't get up until 7:30.


      These people wakes up at five. -how is it wrong?


      As people are plural it needs wake, not wakes.


      'Wakes' is not used with third person plural. Only in third person singular. I wake up You wake up He/she wakes up We wake up You all wake up They wake up


      May be to wake up is

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