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Show all possible correct translations even after you entered the correct one

In some languages there are more than one possible correct translation. For example, the english phrase: - You are welcome May be translated to spanish as: Usted es bievenido Ustedes son bienvenidos

March 28, 2013



This is not that good an idea, as some sentences have a dozen+ correct translations. Do you need to constantly see "his/her/its" or "have/eat/do lunch" plus British and American variants?


We should be able to choose in our setting English or American English. One of the things that makes America annoy me the most is their variations in language. At least Duolingo allows variants of either. I think I'd get annoyed very quickly being told to say 'mom', 'color' and so forth..


I see your point, maybe we could see the two most natural correct translations, and a button that would allow us to see more correct translation, comments, extra information, etc.

Sometimes just entering a correct answer is not enough to learn the language...


Yes. Show all correct/possible translations of the word/phrase after you get it correct or wrong.

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