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  5. "Nedali přednost a nabourali."

"Nedali přednost a nabourali."

Translation:They did not yield the right-of-way and crashed.

July 25, 2018



Is the expression 'to give right of way' not recognised in this course? I would think that's the usual term.


Disregard my original message.

Is it used this way anywhere in full "give the right of way" and without dashes as "right-of-way"? The UK Highway code, for example, uses just "to give way" with the exception of "The rules in The Highway Code do not give you the right of way in any circumstance" which is a bit different.


I think all of them exist. I say 'give right of way' without the article, or simply give way. I saw on the internet that the article is also used sometimes. It seems to me every English speaking country has its own version (:


''They didn't yield the right-of-way and struck'' wasn't accepted but should be, I think.


I would expect an object with to strike.


"Struck" by itself is very odd. "Struck each other," which does have an object, isn't bad, though "ran into each other" or "hit each other" would probably be more commonly used. However, I don't know if any of these would accurately translate the Czech verb, and I tend to think that "crashed" is the best option.


"They did not give the way and crashed" is not possible?


did not give way


This would translate naturally into English as "They did not give way and crashed." But it is not accepted. Why?


That is accepted and we have no such report. Use the report button.

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