"पीटर हर दिन सलाद खाता है।"

Translation:Peter eats salad every day.

July 25, 2018

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    Is हर दिन every day and रोज़ everyday?


    Yes. हर दिन = रोज़

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      Oh right, they both mean every day. How would you say everyday, as an adjective, e.g. "my everyday clothes" then?


      You could say मेरे रोज़ के कपड़े.
      In formal Hindi, you could use दैनिक. It comes from the root दिन.


      हर दिन = Every day रोज़ = Daily


      As a Peter myself, I can confirm this true.


      Why is "Peter eats the salad every day" incorrect?

      [deactivated user]

        Because there is no the in the sentence ShomariML.


        But Hindi has no word for the.


        So it seems there are two ways to say this with the options provided. 1. Peter salad har tin khata hai. 2. Peter har tin salad khata hai. Both of these were correct for me. Sorry my Hindi keyboard isn't working so i hope the English transliteration makes sense. At any rate the placement of "every day" was different in both cases and yet correct for both.


        Both placements are correct. The second is the usual word order and the first emphasises 'every day'.


        My answer written "every day" was corrected saying I had an extra space and it should be "everyday", which is not correct in English. Reported, but wasn't able to say why.


        Peter eats salad daily is wrong??


        You can also say it as 'every day peter eats salad

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