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"सर्दी के मौसम में मुझे ठंड लगती है।"

Translation:I feel cold in the winter season.

July 25, 2018



Including the word season at the end should be optional. “The winter” and “the winter season” have the same meaning in English.


I agree, and "the winter season" sounds less natural than simply "the winter"


I got it wrong first time for the same reason, but if they say “sardi mosum” then I translate “winter season”. If they just say “sardi” then I’ll just say “winter”. Until they change it, I’m just going to translate everything in the most literal sense.


I agree, "winter season" is redundant. Better to say just "winter".


Please also accept “In the winter season I feel cold”


I wrote i feel cold in winter weather. Wondering if that translates differently?


I think it's technically "in the season of winter" because के means "of"


It was really natural to write "the winter" Please follow me gys


It suddenly strikes me that we may not have learned words for spring or autumn because India may not experience those. Does Hindi have words for them? Does it use other seasonal terms having to do with the monsoon, or some other local phenomenon?


spring= वसंत (Vasant aka bahar). Autumn = पतझड़ (patjhad which literally means falling of leaves. Pat= leaf, Jhad= to fall)


So a very similar conception of the seasons of the year. Apparently our term monsoon is in some way related to मौसम, though, which is wonderful.


Apart from the main topic going on around here, Is one life enough to learn the languages you have chosen here? Way to go bud


That said, no, most parts of India don't experience Western seasons. In general, you'll find a hot, a rainy season and a cold season (and in some places the last two feet conflated) and that's it.

Historically however there were six seasons described in more ancient literature, with a spring, dinner, autumn, rainy season, forewinter and hindwinter.


I think they just say autumn or fall


"I feel cold in the inter weather" should be accepted as well.


In English you can just use the word 'winter' and season is implied, so is omitted. Is the same true in Hindi. If I wrote सर्दी में मुझे ठंड लगती है। is the meaning the same as सर्दी के मौसम में मुझे ठंड लगती है।


I feel cold in winter


So, “I feel cold in winter” should also be accepted?


Can some someone please explain why why we do not say "thanda" or "thandi"?


ठंडा is an adjective: पानी ठंडा है (the water is cold). ठंड is a noun: मुझे ठंड लगता है (I feel cold, or I feel “the coldness”).

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