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"I will give this book to you tomorrow."

Translation:मैं यह किताब तुम्हें कल दूँगी।

July 25, 2018



Why do they insist on “main yeh kitab tumhe...”? What is wrong with saying “main tumhe yeh kitab kal dungi”? Is the emphasis on the wrong word?


Your construction is perfectly alright too.


Could it also be: "मैं तुझे ईस किताब कल दूँगा" ?


Your sentence is somewhat wrong. Here are other correct answers -

मैं तुझे यह किताब कल दूँगा। (Don't use this. It's rude.)

मैं आपको यह किताब कल दूँगा।


Could you expand on ईस versus यह please?


ईस is the oblique case. Like 'him/us' in english. The oblique case is when the verb/action is happen to/from/by/etc something.

In the above sentence, the ''you''/तूझे is the something that needs to be in the oblique case, because the action ''give'' is happen to ''you''.

Hope it is now clearer. My terms in English grammar are not my cup of tea.


Why is मैं यह किताब तुझे कल दूँगी marked as incorrect? Sure, it's informal, like you'd only say it to someone with whom you'd use तू, but it's not grammatically incorrect, right?


It's totally correct. Report it next time.


Can you plz explain what is the meaning of dhugi,dhongi, dhegi,dhenga.plz explaib these meanings


Shouldn´t the word order kal maim tumhem yah kitab dûngi also be possible?


कल मैं तुम्हें यह किताब दूँगी। - - what about this order?

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