"Má váš román vtipný příběh?"

Translation:Does your novel have a funny story?

July 25, 2018

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plot should be included as an option


Wer_, I agree. Using the word "plot" makes more sense than "story" in the English version of this sentence. If you say, "Does the novel have a funny story?", the meaning is ambiguous. If someone said that to me, I would have to ask, "Do you mean, "Does the novel have a funny story IN IT?", or do you mean, "Is the novel funny?"


Is it just me or the n in "román" sounds like a nasal one? Is this supposed to be so or this does the voice who speaks the word? I am slightly confused.


The pronunciation is correct. The final "-án" is not pronounced like in French (despite it being a word of French origin), so no nasal vowels (ɑ̃). It sounds a bit nasal as "n" is a nasal alveolar consonant. Nevertheless, it's the same sound as English "n".

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