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"दिसंबर में स्कूल बंद होता है "

Translation:The school is closed in December.

July 25, 2018



I think "In December, school is closed" should be accepted. I'm not sure about in Hindi, but it is fine to move the prepositional phrase (in December) around in English. Also, since there is no word for "the" in Hindi, saying "the school" and just "school" should both be accepted.


In English that could be referring to a specific school or schools in general. In the hindi case if it was schools in general then the statement would be होते हैं. होता है is singular.


I agree - School is closed in December should be accepted


In India schools are closed in summer May and June


Why is it "The school" instead of "School"? I thought it was होता है…

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