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"Mi perro es gordo porque come mucho."

Translation:My dog is fat because it eats a lot.

3 weeks ago

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I am getting discouraged with Duolingo. They used to send me an email at east once a week saying that my translation was also correct and they are NOW accepting my translation as well. Since the last two months, they have stopped this for some reason. I keep having correct answers that they mark as wrong . My translation was BETTER than there's this time. I said " My dog is fat because he eats a lot.". (Only the word "He" is different than their word 'It", as listed above. ) Their translation was not what is listed above. On the test its answer said, " My dog is fat because it eats tons. I liked my answer better...evidently they did also since it is different here. GRRRRRRRR. I know Duolingo is a free app, but if it is going to error time after time, it's not worth the time.

3 weeks ago