"तुम्हारी पतलून अच्छी नहीं है।"

Translation:Your pants are not good.

July 25, 2018

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I put 'Your trousers are not good', which should be acceptable, in fact Duolingo accepted it for a different question. Duolingo should accept British English as well as American English for all questions.


Yes mine is good


Just checking - does this mean pants in the sense of underwear? Or in the American sense of trousers?

Also - shouldn't "Your trousers are not good" also be acceptable? (the word seems to also mean trousers on google translate) Or is there something in the sentence which makes this specifically about underwear? (e.g. gender)


It means pants in the sense of trousers (not underwear). Although I just talked with my husband (who is from India) and apparently nobody really uses this word. Most people just say "pants" (as in the American English word for trousers). पतलून very few people use.


Yes, I'm a native speaker and I'd never heard this word before :D


Seems that... you have never heard the famous Hindi song.... Mera joota hai Japani.... quite unusual for a native.... must say.


I believe पतलून does mean trousers, since it refers to an older word, 'pantaloons'.


Naah, you're right in that, Duolingo is just a kid!! He's also learning things alongside us! Give him time! (Or report it, i love doing that with any and all apps and things, they always check the reports and once a lot of people report the same thing, they apply the corrections in it) (which is i am secretly very proud of half of the updates on Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, i kept suggesting it and then eventually it happened!


Also to answer your prior question! Nope! Trousers/Pants/Patloon (you could also learn it as being similar to Pantaloons, which is actually an English cousin of the same word) are all the same things and refer to the same clothing garment=


I put the "pants emoji there but it didn't register, P.S. underwear means "Kaccha, Kacchi, Kacchu, or some other variants, there's also other words for it (very olden words that i don't remember at the moment)


Trousers = पतलून; underwear = चड्डी


Isn't पतलून a masculine noun?


According to my dictionary it can be both.


It's a gender neutral one i assume


So पतलून is singular, as in French?


पटलून refers to a pair of trousers. Same classification applies.


You have tumhari patloon achee nahi hai whereas it should have been hain


Well now that's just subjective!! How would you know what they're exactly trying to say?! (Maybe nahin hon acchi actually


trousers = pants - It's british english


Your pant is not good?

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