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  5. "This cat is feeling hot."

"This cat is feeling hot."

Translation:इस बिल्ली को गर्मी लग रही है।

July 25, 2018



What purpose does the को serve in this sentence? How do I know when to use it and when not to?


The Hindi sentence literally translates to something like 'To the cat, hotness is being felt'.
'बिल्ली को' is 'to the cat'.


Excellent explanation as usual Vinay, but perhaps you meant to use the noun "heat" rather than "hotness", as per your further explanation below regarding गर्मी (garmee)?


I just wanted to avoid confusion because you can feel 'heat' without it being necessarily 'hot'. The Hindi sentence with गर्मी is definitely saying the cat feels hot (as in, the temperature is too high for the cat) though it uses the '-- is being felt' construction. So, I thought 'hotness' would be more apt.


Would wee use the same construction if we were checking to see if the cat had a fever?


No. In this sentence, the action of 'feeling' is done by the cat.

To say that this cat's body feels warm, you can say यह बिल्ली का शरीर गर्म लग रहा है where we have removed the postposition को. Also, here गर्म is used as an adjective whereas the original sentence had गर्मी which is a noun.


Why is "यह बिल्ली को गर्मी लग रही है" not right here?


Here, इस is not a personal pronoun, but a demonstrative pointing to the cat.

The followings are Hindi demonstratives: -
इस this, उस that, इन these, उन those.


यह and वह won't work here. इस will have to be used to mean "this". Thought I can't quite explain why. I hope someone else can properly explain this.


Yes I hope so! Am very confused by this one & can't find anything on Google.

Thanks for trying


इस is the oblique form of यह, which becomes oblique because of the postposition को after बिल्ली


This is explained well by vinaysaini above, and again by the moderator vinay92 below.


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why is log needed


लग (lag) is 'feel'.

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