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"Ĉu estas oranĝoj en la deserto?"

Translation:Are there oranges in the dessert?

July 25, 2018



I feel like dessert and desert are frequently mixed up enough so that it should be counted as correct for a typo - I get it though because they are both words, so Duolingo has trouble seeing that it is a typo.


Just remember, you always want TWO desserts. There's usually only ONE person stranded on a desert island.


And SS is usually pronounced S (except in "dessert") while S is often pronounced Z... so hence deserto correspons to the one with SS and dezerto corresponds with the one with one S.


Are there oranges for desert? "En la deserto" can also be translated "for desert" as an idiomatic translation.


How do you figure?

I'm checking on some details and will report back with what I find out.


Desert is spelt with one s, not two!

[deactivated user]

    pretty sure they mean 'dessert', a sweet course often served at the end of a meal; not 'desert', (dezerto), a location with too little water


    Hahahahahahaha! I mean, I can’t believe myself! Yes, you must be right! I am used to all these strange phrases from DuoLingo that it made sense asking if there are any oranges in the desert! I feel so silly now!


    Don't feel silly. I misread the sentence too and I've been speaking Esperanto for 20 years.

    Side note - in English, "dessert" has two SS's in it because you want two helpings. Words with two SS's are usually pronounced like S in Esperanto and with one S it's often Z. So we have deserto and dezerto.

    The above side note is not true, but it's how I keep it straight. Hope it helps. If not, please ignore.


    21, actually. Esperanto has a 130 year history of continuous use. 21 years isn't all that long if you can avoid dying long enough.

    If you want to hear me, my family, and my friends speak Esperanto, check out Esperanto Variety Show on YouTube.


    Out of curiosity, how old where you when you startwd speaking Esperanto?


    If I answered that you'd know how old I am. :-)

    I was married ... but no kids yet.


    "Desert" with one s is the correct American English spelling.


    This was discussed and resolved six months ago. "Correct American English spelling" depends on WHICH word you're trying to spell. Both dessert and desert are valid English words with different meanings.


    Yes, for an empty landscape, but not for a sweet meal.


    Whoops, I thought we were talking about deserts.

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